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Oct 21, 2022 | News

What’s not to love about spending time in the garden or out in nature? Whether you’re a flower aficionado or simply enjoy the great outdoors, you’ll enjoy finding out more about all the places and experiences we can all share.

It is a terrific pleasure to invite garden lovers and those who enjoy nature to the Australian Garden Calendar blog page. We hope you will enjoy the varied content we write and illustrate for you. Material for the blog comes from the horticultural media community so content is local, informed, and informative. And we know you’ll find it interesting. Our contributors travel widely across Australia and overseas for inspiration for their contributions to this blog.


 The statistics on garden tourism worldwide are very impressive. The numbers of people visiting gardens are massive and as a fairly passive form of recreation it still adds up to a lot of walking and a relaxing restoration of well-being.

Himeji Gardens, Adelaide

Photo credit: Pardana Community Garden, Kangaroo Island

 The Australian Garden Calendar has been brought into existence to celebrate the importance of green spaces, parks, trees and gardens. We have the gardens, we have the gardeners too, we have the skills to grow plants successfully in so we can bring everything together by supporting and using the AGC to knit us all into a community.

We would like to thank our generous sponsors who have made this project possible; Brunnings, Mr Fothergill’s, Neutrog and Peats Soil.


Trevor Nottle

Chair, Horticultural Media Association of Australia, SA branch

Winner HMAA Gold Laurel 2022